First, Build A Team

Posted on March 02, 2012

They say there are more than 100,000 decisions that have to be made during the planning, design and construction of a true custom home. To many, this is staggering and may prevent some people from building the home of their dreams. But the process of designing and building a custom home can and should be an enjoyable event, culminating in a beautiful work of architecture and quality construction to be enjoyed by the client, their family and friends for generations.

Accomplishing this is made easier by first assembling a team of professionals to undertake the three (3) key elements: architecture, interior design and construction. Some clients choose to interview several candidates in each of these disciplines, while others will lean on one member of the team to assemble the rest given their past experiences and relationships. Whatever the right path to this decision is for each client, they have made the journey much easier, much more enjoyable and the outcome predictable by placing their dreams in the hands of professionals.

It is important to realize that design and construction in today’s market can be very sophisticated, sometimes complicated. Each member is a specialist, trained in their craft and backed up by years of experience. To maximize the creative input of each discipline, they must be proficient and knowledgeable of their individual trade. The best Architect is an expert in smart design and stylistic vernaculars. The Interior Designer is an expert in colors, textures and coordination of unique materials. The Builder is an expert in selecting the 100′s of tradesmen, maintaining project costs, and quality control. While these are just a few of the many responsibilities associated with any of these professions, the wise client can start to understand why it would be difficult for one individual to become a true expert of all three.

There are other benefits to the client when this team approach is taken. For instance, each member of the team has a fiduciary responsibility to the client, and is therefore committed to their client first and foremost. Also, each team member recognizes the many contributions of their partners, and understands the value of making the journey as stress-less as possible for the client. And finally, when challenges arise as they sometimes do, the advantage of having an experienced team to help in finding the right answer.

So first, build a team and the rest will fall into place. Become involved at every step, but do so with assurance that behind you are professionals looking out for you and your dream home project, and guiding you to the answers that are uniquely yours. Build your team today with time-tested members of the ARA!


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